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July 28, 2008


Caroline ~ Morningsidemom

Welcome to the blogosphere Zanaru! It's so great to have you here.


Stuck into my dresser mirror is a thank you note I received from a dear and deeply admired friend for some help I volunteered in aid of work she was doing at the time. All the work was done by email, and at one point, one of the emails asked for my mailing address, because (paraphrasing) sometimes it's important to put pen to paper and express feelings in tangible form. Now I have a cherished memento (sitting next to a black fedora and a wedding garter -- mementos of other dear friends, btw) where I see it everyday. And it's made all the better because I really love the way she writes a capital B.


Thanks for checking in, Caroline.

Booker, mementos like that can really touch the heart.

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